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Happy Birthday Ali'i

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In loving memory of Alii Chang, Farmer & Visionary.  February 19, 1942 – April 13, 2011

“My passion has always been in the earth,” says Alii Chang, who planted a lavender farm in upcountry Maui and made it into a work of art.

Here's a glance at some of the beautiful features that have been created in the past couple of years which aim to further Alii's legacy and his vision for sustainable gardens. This Friday, February 19th would be Alii's birthday. In celebration, we've taken some photos of the newest areas of our farm.

Replanting and restoration projects have been happening throughout the gardens. In one of the oldest areas the gardens, all-new lavenders have gone in the ground, with new pathways and benches with trellises adorned with climbing purple wisteria.

We now have 12 terraced vegetable garden beds and even a chicken coop, where we have sustainable fertilizer for the garden and the new fruit orchids of apples, plums, and peaches.

We have also planted year-round varieties of lavender closer to our entrance so that visitors will be greeted with blooming lavender year-round. These are featured in our new lavender labyrinth, which was planted about 2 years.

There are over 1,000 individual plants in this one area and feature alternating different varieties in each circle. Also planted a native Hawaiian Koa tree (the namesake of his son and heir) in the center, so that in 10 years' time there will be a lovely, shady oasis in which one can sit and relax, smelling the lavender and enjoying the beautiful land.